About The Show

Pompidou is a warm and friendly comedy – innovative but with a traditional sensibility – to be enjoyed by all ages and all nations.

In a clapped-out old caravan lives the elderly Pompidou, a tubby, pompous, penniless, eccentric yet ultimately loveable aristocrat. He is served by his long-suffering butler Hove and the pair are joined by an elegant Afghan Hound called Marion. Pompidou’s caravan is parked in front of a derelict plot in the grounds that once was the glorious Pompidou Manor. The way Pompidou approaches the challenges he faces in every day life can be seen in the context of a life he once had and no longer can afford.

Matt Lucas returns to BBC Two with this prime time ‘non verbal’ comedy series. This is an entirely visual show centred on the character of Pompidou. Around him the series is populated by a range of wonderfully imaginative new characters played by some of the world’s finest physical comedy performers.

Devised and written by Matt Lucas, Julian Dutton and Ashley Blaker.

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Production Information


Date of production:  2014
Date of First TX: March 1st 2015
No. of Episodes: 6
Channel: BBC2
Main Cast: Matt Lucas – Pompidou, Alex Macqueen – Hove
Directed by: Matt Lucas and Charlie Hanson
Created by: Matt Lucas, Julian Dutton and Ashley Blaker
Produced by: Charlie Hanson and Katie Mavroleon