About The Project

8 women, 4 weeks, no mirrors all condensed into one minute. A TV and online ad campaign for Boots No7.

To put No7 new Protect & Perfect anti ageing serums to a real life test we cast, chaperoned and filmed eight women living without mirrors whilst they tested the product for 4 weeks to see if they could see a reduction in their lines and wrinkles.

Reunited with their reflection the results were impressive and emotional.


Production Information


Date of production: January-April 2014
Date of TX: May 2014
No. of Episodes: 1x 60′ commercial , 1×40′ commercial, 1x 3″ extended online footage
Channel: ITV/C4
Directed by: Jonathan Rudd
Main Cast: 8 real women – Diana Wilkins, Alison Fitch, Beth Hathaway, Melody Munday, Thelma Mensah, Jolene Nurse, Orla Wardlaw, Nuala Farrelly
Executive Producer: Michelle Langer
Produced by: Rachel Viner
Logline: Ad campaign for No7 new Protect and Perfect anti ageing serums