About The Show

‘Marley’s Ghosts’ written by Daniel Peacock is a high concept sitcom about a woman, who on the death of her husband and lover realises she has a rare gift, she can see the dead. With this gift comes a unique challenge. She must now learn to live with her dead husband, lover and a Vicar all under the same roof.

Production Information

Marleys Ghosts

Status: Post-production
Title (Of Production): Marley’s Ghosts
Date of production: Principle photography started on June 08, 2015
No. of Episodes: X3 1/2 hours
Channel: UKTV Gold
Main Cast: Sarah Alexander as Marley, John Hannah as Adam, Nicholas Burns as Michael, Jo Joyner as Vicar. Mina Anwar as Tina and Harman Singh as Gary. Featuring Cariad Lloyd, Beattie Edmondson, Sydney Rae White and Jack Bence.
Directed by: Ben Gosling Fuller
Written by: Daniel Peacock
Produced by: Katie Mavroleon