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About The Show

Chat Show Roulette is an improvised comedy show that gets away from all the overly-familiar theatre-sports games by having just one main idea, albeit one with endless room for variation and surprise.

Chat Show Roulette appears to be a conventional chat show. There is one host, three guests and a studio audience. However, the guests are all comedy performers and don’t know who they will be playing until literally seconds before they appear. That’s because their names, occupations and key character traits are chosen randomly from audience suggestions.

When they appear the host engages with them like any good chat show host and the performers must go with it. But even then extra curveballs are thrown along the way as more facets of the guests’ pasts are drawn from the audience suggestions. At the end of each interview the ‘guest’ is asked to give some kind of performance whether singing or a demonstration of a special skill.

Series 1 ran from Thursday 19th March on BBC Radio 4. For further information visit the show at the BBC here.

Production Information

Chat Show Roulette

Date of production: February/March 2014
No. of Episodes: 6
Channel: BBC Radio 4
Main Cast: Justin Edwards and James Sherwood with guests including Matt Lucas, Kevin Eldon, Mel Geidroyc, Susan Calman, Nick Mohammed, Rebecca Front
Written by: Devised by Justin Edwards and Ashley Blaker
Produced by: Ashley Blaker
Executive Produced by: Ben Walker
Logline: Chat Show Roulette is the improvised comedy show hosted by Justin Edwards with three chat show guests played by the best comedy performers in the country.